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How do you record your screen on windows 10 with it? Let’s first see how to use FonePaw Screen Recorder by the following guide. Screen recording is one of the most convenient and popular ways for us to record useful information on PC. Find out more in Find out more in this screen recording tutorial video.

To start recording, press record or Windows + Alt + R. After recording, you’ll be able to save the recording as a video file, separate from your PowerPoint presentation. N/B – To capture a screenshot on an iPhone, hold the home button, then press the power button on the side. If you’re using an iPhone X or later, press the lock and volume up buttons simultaneously. Tap the crescent moon button to turn on Do Not Disturb.

  • This will restart your computer to give you the option to reboot it in Safe Mode.
  • This folder is created automatically when you use a keystroke combination for the first time.
  • In this article, I will describe 5 ways to take screenshots in Windows 10.

If you need more elaborate ways to capture screenshots, you can also install Windows-compatible third-party apps with more offerings than Windows apps. Some of these apps are free, like Lightshot, but some come with a price, like Snagit. To open the Snipping Tool, click the Start button and type Snipping Tool on the search box. Click ‘Snipping Tool’ on the search results to open the app, or you can right-click and select Pin on Taskbar for easier access in the future.

Step 2 – Select a Safe Boot Option

Soon a new page will open with basic boot options. This option is very useful if you need to access the Windows recovery drive or other methods are not working. To resolve the issue, we have created this guide to help you out in booting the Windows 10 in Safe Mode.

While you’re recording, a small, red recording notification bar will sit at the top of the screen. You can use this to reopen the Game Bar to stop recording. However, I’ve had this notification bar disappear on me a few times.

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If you’re a shortcut whiz, or training to be one, these could save you some time when it comes to accessing this function. The easiest way to save a Print Screen screenshot is to open an image editor like Paint, paste the image in, and then save it in your desired image format, like jpeg. You can use the built-in keyboard key shortcuts, Windows tools like Snip & Sketch, or a third-party app in Chrome.

The snipping tool should also be available on these devices and can be accessed by following the method above. Simply click your mouse and drag it to crop your screen, including the desired area you wish to capture. Releasing the mouse button will automatically generate a preview of your newly-created screenshot.

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